Exocosmos Program

Exoplanet research and exploration program, whose main objective is the expansion of our species throughout the cosmos

Program Phases

The project will include the construction of twelve ships fully prepared for the mission


Colonize nearby exoplanets with high probabilities to support life as we know it on Earth


The Exocosmos ships are scheduled to launch in the 2040s


The first engine tests for Exocosmos are planned for the 2030s

Exocosmos is financed with decentralized funds. You can make a donation in cryptocurrencies right now.

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You can make a donation in Bitcoin to Exocosmos address: 1MGi88BS1FXyhvbPVTkVrr9ANMfk1hH4Ga


You can make a donation in Ethereum to Exocosmos address: 0x663216e566d60c20c41B525E53f4912d1939C14f

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